Panel Discussion

The first day also witnessed a panel discussion with a group of esteemed panellists: Mr. Saurabh Garg, NoBroker, Mr. S. Vaitheeswaran, MD & CEO, Manipal Education, Dr. Akhil Prasad, Director and Company Secretary, Boeing India and Mr. K Vaitheeswaran, author of 'Failing to Succeed”. The topic for the panel discussion was “Accelerating the growth of Indian start-ups to compete at an international level.”

The panellists were seen discussing and pointing out the nitty gritties of the topic to put forward logical and important insights. It was a good session of knowledge transfer between the panellists and the audience as the panellists were also taking questions from the audience. So overall the event was informative as well as entertaining.

This year, we hope for an equally engaging and enthralling discussion between our much awaited guests from the top ranks of the industry.

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