Chai pe Charcha

Networking plays one of the most important roles in making or breaking an idea. It’s a mutually beneficial process – both the parties involved, gain something out of the process. ChaiPeCharcha at the i5 Summit, IIM Indore just lets you do that, especially designed for the budding entrepreneurs. It gives you a platform to have highly valuable discussions with some of the successful names in the industry. One gets to interact with the investors, pitch their ideas, make contacts with renowned people and gain valuable industry expertise or maybe an entirely new perspective.

ChaiPeCharcha has hosted the likes of Mr Subrata Mitra from Accel Partners, Balaji Vishwananthan in the past and the entrepreneurs have concluded the talks to be extremely fruitful. There is no denying the importance of getting in touch with names which influence the industry and can provide the perspective which was not that easily available when the entrepreneurs were in the process of building their business from scratch. This event held at the central India’s largest entrepreneurship summit, gives the budding entrepreneurs a golden opportunity to share the same stage with the investors and get themselves known in the industry world. And plus its got chai, something we all Indians love to have “charcha” on.

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